Multiplayer Poker

Exclusively on private tables, our Live Multiplayer Texas Hold’em offers your players the essential Hold’em experience and number of customization options to you. Integrating our poker tables into your platform, you make it simple for your players to play within the same player liquidity but on fully-branded physical tables with live dealers. Place advertising and Live promotions during the game. Choose the language dealer speaks. Brand dealers outfit, cards, table and more!

Give your poker room the highest exposure, the best reputation, and create loyalty among your most valuable players. Create a lucrative new revenue stream for your business.


1. The roots of Texas Hold’em go deep into the history of humankind, they are debatable and hard to trace. One of the most popular games in the world, it might not have existed without 10th century Chinese dominos, 12th century Egyptian playing cards, 16th century Persian gambling, 16th century Spanish primero, 18th century French poque, and 19th century New Orleans poker.

2. It is interesting to know that early poker was played with a 20-card deck and four players. Players were dealt five cards and then bet on who had the best hand. The first documented mention of playing with a 52-card deck is from 1834.