XPG Live Blackjack is better than one in a land-based casino for a reason. The game takes place in our Live studios that have a classic casino design, resembling a real land-based casino, but enhanced with modern features and complemented by presence of our experienced and chatty dealers in the relaxed and laidback atmosphere.

Moreover, XPG Live Blackjack tables have an advanced feature - Bet Behind that allows players to make a bet on another player’s hand to all 7 main Blackjack seats.

XPG also offers Unlimited Blackjack, the next evolution live version of this classic game with limitless number of players at a single table and extra revenue potential for our live casino operators.


1. The blackjack shoe, a gaming device to hold multiple card decks, was introduced in Cuba in the 1950s. Allegedly, the name comes from the design of its early versions that looked like woman’s high heel shoe.

2. According to Guinness World Records, Stephen De Raffaele owns the longest time spent dealing a Blackjack game – 51 hours 33 minutes. He set the world record in August 2001 at the Oracle Casino, Qawra, Malta.